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Sea of Liberty

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Sea of Liberty

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Sea of Liberty


Inspired by the Monticello exhibition, The Boisterous Sea of Liberty, the interactive website Sea of Liberty invites you to: explore documents, letters, artwork, and photographs related to the ideas of liberty, freedom, and self-governance, create digital projects that draw inspiration from the past, and showcase project ideas for others to see and learn from. In addition, educators enjoy access to resources related to teaching with primary sources, teaching historical thinking, and encouraging digital citizenship.

Sea of Liberty is a part of Monticello’s Liberty Today Initiative where teachers are invited to collaborate with colleagues and engage in dialog with scholars on the connections between the ideals of liberty and the requirements for self-government and those ideas and requirements today.

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Kelly Schrum


Jennifer Rosenfeld

Web Designer(s)

Chris Raymond


James McCartney

Staff Members

Alaina Harmon
Lara Harmon
Jannelle Legg
Anne McDivitt
Amanda Morton
Chris Preperato
Amanda Regan
Spencer Roberts
Nate Sleeter
Brian Boneau
John Buescher
Alaina Harmon
Brynna Heflin
Brittany Higgs
Ellen Weintraub

Content Experts

Rosemarie Zagarri
Cynthia Kierner


Gary Sandling
Melanie Bowyer
Linnea Grim
Elizabeth Jones
Jacqueline Langholtz
Samantha Lin
Melissa Mitchem
Austin Shepard
Leah Stearns
Jacquelyn Stiverson
Jesse Wells
Chad Wollerton
Susan Stein
Elizabeth Chew
Christa Dierksheide
Andrew O’Shaughnessy


Thomas Jefferson Foundation


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“Sea of Liberty,” RRCHNM20, accessed February 24, 2024, https://20.rrchnm.org/items/show/249.

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