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The How of 1989

Teaching Modules

Making the History of 1989 hosts six teaching modules, each of which contain an introductory essay, annotated primary sources, a lesson plan, reading strategies and discussion questions. The modules utilize various methodologies to analyze the events of 1989. Among them are units on religiosity, everyday life, organized labor and nationalism. This mix of social, cultural and political history provides instructors with an array of tools with which to analyze the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. 



Scholar Interviews

Making the History of 1989 contains five interviews with prominent scholars of Eastern European studies. Many of these academics were in Eastern Europe during or immediately before the events of 1989. Some were even tangentially involved with the ideological movements which brought them to pass. These interviews contain personal recollections, historiographical interpretations, and teaching advice. Interviews also tackle the various scholarly interpretations of 1989 and how they have shifted in the years since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The How of 1989