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Virginia Studies: Thinking Historically about Virginia is an engaging, self-paced course for Virginia Studies teachers. The course is taught online through a series of interactive modules. Each module guides you through Virginia history with primary sources as well as video, audio, and text analysis. You will learn about the history of Virginia, practice historical thinking skills, and develop strategies for using course resources and techniques in the classroom.



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To mark the 400th anniversary of the English settlement of Jamestown, CHNM has created Virginia 400, a portal for finding, teaching, and learning about Virginia History on the web. Pulling from the extensive resources of award-winning projects such as History Matters, Exploring US History, and the September 11 Digital Archive, and building on lessons learned working directly with Virigina teachers on several Teaching American History grants, VA 400 provides one-stop shopping for teachers,…


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The With Criminal Intent project will create an intellectual exemplar for the role of data mining in an important historical discipline–the history of crime–and illustrate how the tools of digital humanities can be used to wrest new knowledge from one of the largest humanities data sets currently available: the Old Bailey Online. It will create a seamlessly connected environment, the Newgate Commons, in which scholars can use data mining techniques to select themed texts from the 120 million…

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