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Children and Youth in History

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Children and Youth in History

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Children and Youth in History


Children and Youth in History addresses the critical absence of children and youth in U.S., European, and world history courses.

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Proposal Co-Authors

Kelly Schrum
Miriam Forman Brunell


Kelly Schrum
Miriam Forman-Brunell


Mary A. McMurray

Web Designer(s)

Chris Raymond


Jeremy Boggs

Staff Members

Amanda Shuman
Mary A. McMurray
Susan Douglass


Kelly Schrum
Miriam Forman-Brunell

Content Experts

Peter Stearns
Paula Fass
Paula Petrik
Merry Wiesner Hanks
Heidi Roupp
Steven Mintz
Claudia Mitchell
Colin Heywood
Sharon Cohen
Ryba Epstein
Nancy Stockdale
Ilana Nash
Nora Jaffary
Janelle Collett
Elizabeth Ten Dyke
Christopher Corley
James Marten
Sue Fernsebner
Jessica Hodgson
Nora E. Jaffary
Ilana Nash
Nancy Stockdale
Joe Austin
Jane Eva Baxter
David Bill
Rebecca Friedman
James Gillham
Donald Haase
Kriste Lindenmeyer
Dana Leibsohn
Joanna Michlic
Lizbeth Halliday Piel
Beryl Rawson
Kerry Roeder
Tom Rushford
Phil Safford
Richard Waller
Tom Ewing
Jeanine Graham
Jesse Hingson
Anne Kinney
Heidi Morrison
Tim Parsons
Lynda Payne
Brian Platt
Stephen Robertson
Colleen Vasconcellos
Shona Kelly Wray
Cynthia Szwajkowski


1. Two hundred annotated primary sources (text, image, audio, and video) focused on the history of children and youth throughout the world, along with an introductory essay, guidance on using sources critically, and tools for organizing and analyzing primary sources.
2. Fifty website reviews written by historians that emphasize valuable resources for studying and teaching the history of childhood and youth in U.S., European, and world history as well as strategies for using those resources and direct links to select documents.
3. Ten thematic teaching packets written by historians that provide historical context, teaching tools, and strategies for teaching with sets of primary sources drawn from the Primary Source Database.
4. Twenty essays written by experienced scholars and teachers that model strategies for teaching the history of childhood and youth with primary sources.


National Endowment for the Humanities

Funding Amount

$172,717 awarded by the NEH


University of Missouri-Kansas City 

Technology Used



U.S., European, and world history students and educators


Children and Youth in History   Home.png
Children and Youth in History- Flyer



“Children and Youth in History,” RRCHNM20, accessed June 6, 2023, https://20.rrchnm.org/items/show/205.

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