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For the 2012 GMU Victims' Rights 5k, the RRCHNM team wore red hats.

1st grade students taking photos of the FDR Memorial (May 6 2012).jpg
Two first-grade students learn about historical thinking by taking photos of the FDR Memorial. Teaching American History activities encouraged teachers and students to explore the meaning behind monuments and memorials.

1st grade teacher Jennifer Orr taking a photo of the Tidal Basin (May 6 2012).jpg
First-grade teacher Jennifer Orr takes a photo of the Tidal Basin. Teaching American History activities allowed teachers and students to explore places and learn different ways to interpret the landscape.

5th grade student looking closely at a MD Historical Society photo (Mar 15, 2013).jpg
A fifth-grade student examines a photo at the Maryland Historical Society. Teaching American History activities explored how to analyze photographs as historical evidence.

8th grade student at Mexican Cultural Institute (Oct 2010).JPG
An eighth-grade student taking part in a Teaching American History activity takes a photo at the Mexican Cultural Institute.

8th grade Students looking closely at Declaration (Nov 14, 2008).JPG
Eighth-grade students closely examine the wording of the Declaration of Independence in a Teaching American History activity.

Amanda French claiming the gloves, CHNM Holiday Party 2013 (December 13, 2013).jpg
At the CHNM Holiday Party, Amanda French claims a pair of gloves for herself as part of the white elephant gift exchange.

Andy Privee revealing his prize, CHNM Holiday Party 2010 (Dec 16, 2010).JPG
Andy Privee opens a fairy princess figurine during the CHNM holiday party white elephant gift exchange.

Ben Hurwitz discussin an idea, CHNM Planning, (November 13, 2013).jpg
Ben Hurwitz adds his perspective at the RR-CHNM Planning Meeting.

James McCartney opening his present, CHNM Holiday Party 2010 (Dec 16, 2010).JPG
James McCartney gets help opening his white elephant gift at the 2010 CHNM holiday party.
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