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Echo website 2008-present
Echo 2 worked to build on the efforts of Echo 1. Beginning in July 2005, week-long, intensive workshops for fifteen participants who plan to create online projects in the history of science, technology, and industry.


Zotero 2.0 flyer
The Internet Archive and the Zotero Project propose a collaborative project to build a structured archival and access environment for the aggregated materials of thousands of scholars. The project would offer a critical back-end extension to the Zotero research platform to provide permanent archiving and personalized file and project materials management. The platform would create a "Zotero Commons"--publicly shared items from the community of scholars--as well as a more circumscribed 'group'…


Through initiatives such as optional fee-based cloud storage through the recently formed Corporation for Digital Scholarship, a non-profit established to underwrite Zotero’s continuing
costs, the project has made major progress with respect to sustainability within the bounds of existing grant funding. Nonetheless, a critical challenge to Zotero’s long-term sustainability remains its exclusive tethering to the Firefox browser. We therefore propose a staged project to decouple Zotero from…

Vector Title, for print services.
Although we are excited about our progress on Firefox Scholar 1.0, it was only intended as a pilot—one that would not work with all the major research collections and one focused on libraries in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Moreover, as originally formulated, Firefox Scholar was essentially a personal silo for information. Recently, however, we have grown increasingly convinced that this development is really only a
first step toward the real promise of Firefox Scholar—the truly groundbreaking…

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