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In 2009 CHNM hosted what would be the first of a series of two day workshops to equip people at educational institutions with a detailed understanding of how Zotero worked and how they could make it useful and used at their institutions. This image was taken during a part of the workshop where participants explored and started developing and refining supporting documentation for making Zotero fit their organizations local needs. You can see more about who participated and the agenda for the…

Through initiatives such as optional fee-based cloud storage through the recently formed Corporation for Digital Scholarship, a non-profit established to underwrite Zotero’s continuing
costs, the project has made major progress with respect to sustainability within the bounds of existing grant funding. Nonetheless, a critical challenge to Zotero’s long-term sustainability remains its exclusive tethering to the Firefox browser. We therefore propose a staged project to decouple Zotero from…


Brainstorming session during Zotero's initial beta period. From left: Dan Cohen, Josh Greenberg, Simon Kornblith, Roy Rosenzweig, Dan Stillman, Sean Takats, Trevor Owens, Matt Eaton

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Screenshot of the WWW on Timeline JS

World History Sources provides a portal to world history websites developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media.

Original project title: World History Matters

Kelly Schrum and Kristin Lehner after having accepted the 2007 James Harvey Robinson Prize at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting.

This photo of Josh Brown, Roy Rosenzweig, and Steve Brier was taken by our editor during (I'm pretty sure) the summer of 1997 at a meeting at Worth Publishers. At the time, we were working on both the second edition of the Who Built America? book and the second CD-ROM, Who Built America? From the Great War of 1914 to the Dawn of the Atomic Age (both published in 2000).

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