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chnm usa art.jpg
One of my favorite items on the GMU campus.

To plan for the acquisition of a bunch of new office space there was a need to reshuffle the staff to make best use of the office space. So, we ended up making a big foam-core backed map and a set of little models of people to place to work through how to best organize the space. Each of the colors corresponds to different work groups in CHNM. This picture shows those little figures. To make it easier to identify, pink is education, green is public projects, blue is research projects, yellow was…

In 2009 CHNM hosted what would be the first of a series of two day workshops to equip people at educational institutions with a detailed understanding of how Zotero worked and how they could make it useful and used at their institutions. This image was taken during a part of the workshop where participants explored and started developing and refining supporting documentation for making Zotero fit their organizations local needs. You can see more about who participated and the agenda for the…

Ian Bird works with GMU maintenance staff to hang his map, created with found metal objects and discarded car body, "Lower 48," in the Research 1 computer lab.

Second Victims Rights 5K group from CHNM.
From left to right: Kristin Lehner, Meagan Hess, Stephanie Hurter, Patrice Mortson, Olivia Ryan, Nate Agrin, Ken Albers, Ammon Shepherd, Amanda Shuman

The first t-shirt design for the Victims Rights 5K group.

Mark Sample powered back a bird's nest energy drink during one of his final visits to the Center before departing for Davidson. Although six cans arrived from Vietnam, only Fred Gibbs also tried the restorative elixir, which he memorably described as a "three-dimensional beverage."

From 2010 to 2012, the research division was headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Kris Kelly once came for a visit, making it a real thing.

This photo of Josh Brown, Roy Rosenzweig, and Steve Brier was taken by our editor during (I'm pretty sure) the summer of 1997 at a meeting at Worth Publishers. At the time, we were working on both the second edition of the Who Built America? book and the second CD-ROM, Who Built America? From the Great War of 1914 to the Dawn of the Atomic Age (both published in 2000).

A photo of Trevor Owens presenting "There Has to Be a Better Way: Zotero and Research 2.0" to a packed session at Educause in October of 2007 in Seattle WA. As the primary educational technology conference for higher education institutions this talk played a significant role in further getting the word out about Zotero to this community.
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