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Web Scrapbook screencapture
Partner in project headed by David Jaffee (CUNY). Three software tools for the NEH’s EDSITEment web portal will include a “Text Collection and Annotation Tool,” an “Image Collection and Annotation Tool,” and an “Image Manipulation Tool.” These tools will be integral parts of the Lessons of History project, which will also include student interactive activities and lesson plans. The tools will enable the project’s focus on facilitating the close reading of important documents, visual and textual,…

An exhibit website for The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers (ERP) offering a dynamic introduction to Roosevelt’s many public roles.

Everyday Americans, Exceptional Americans is a Loudoun County Public Schools Teaching American History project designed in partnership with the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University to increase teachers' and students' knowledge of traditional American history and ability to analyze primary sources and think historically. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, TAH grants developed, documented, evaluated, and disseminated innovative and cohesive models of…

These modules, designed for George Mason University's U.S. survey course History 120, offer relevant exercises that reinforce textbook readings and classroom discussion. They provide an alternate, often entertaining, way of investigating historical concepts and problems.

Divided into four chronological periods, these modules cover a variety of topics, including indentured servitude, runaway slaves, popular culture in the 19th century, and advertisements in the early 20th century.


Zotero 2.0 flyer
The Internet Archive and the Zotero Project propose a collaborative project to build a structured archival and access environment for the aggregated materials of thousands of scholars. The project would offer a critical back-end extension to the Zotero research platform to provide permanent archiving and personalized file and project materials management. The platform would create a "Zotero Commons"--publicly shared items from the community of scholars--as well as a more circumscribed 'group'…

Vector Title, for print services.
Although we are excited about our progress on Firefox Scholar 1.0, it was only intended as a pilot—one that would not work with all the major research collections and one focused on libraries in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Moreover, as originally formulated, Firefox Scholar was essentially a personal silo for information. Recently, however, we have grown increasingly convinced that this development is really only a
first step toward the real promise of Firefox Scholar—the truly groundbreaking…

For Virginians: Government Matters is a free online teaching and learning resource highlighting active citizen involvement, the impact of state and local government on daily life, and how individuals shape their communities in the Commonwealth.
For Virginians: Government Matters is a free website with four key features: a Teaching Source Database with introductions and essential questions to offer guidance on how to use those sources critically and tools for annotating and organizing the…

Echo website 2001
Echo 1 engaged in cultivating on-line archival practices among well-defined audiences and enabling popular engagement in the recent history of science and technology through web-based interactivity. Proposal for the creation of Echo- with a three-part strategy: critical assessment, institutionalization and aggregation, and outreach and education.

Virginia History as US History.png
Teaching American History grant partnership project between Loudoun County Public Schools and George Mason University, providing K-12 U.S. History teachers with year-long professional development programs. Website shares the curriculum products developed by teachers and the expert resources created for the program.

Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives - Flyer
Drawing on the latest archival-based research on the Gulag, this web exhibit provides an innovative, multifaceted consideration of the human struggle for survival in the Gulag, the brutal and often lethal Soviet system of forced labor concentration camps and internal exile.
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